Re-Elect Leon N. Wilmot Sheriff

Your vote for Leon Wilmot will ensure that you and the citizens of Yuma County continue to receive the quality customer service that we as a community expect from our dedicated law enforcement professionals with SERVICE, COMMITMENT and fiscal responsibility as the main priorities of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

Hi, I’m Leon Wilmot and I am running for re-election as your Yuma County Sheriff.

I bring to the community 31 years of law enforcement experience with the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, of which the last 3 years were as your Sheriff. My time in service with the Sheriff’s Office qualifies me as the only candidate with the unique background, understanding and experience to take the Sheriff’s Office to the next level of service to this community. The future of law enforcement depends on the understanding of criminal and public administrative issues, the political, legal and social environments of policing, and advanced technical issues which govern our society for which we are responsible.

I have the knowledge, experience, leadership skills and ability needed to manage a complex and professional law enforcement organization that is dedicated to the community’s needs.

As Sheriff of Yuma County, we focused on

  • Ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable amongst us by providing a high profile presence of law enforcement professionals in your neighborhoods.
  • Implementing more youth programs that build bridges to our next generation and opens lines of communication and cooperation to our future leaders.
  • Continuing collaborative efforts between the various Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Continuing to solicit additional funding to increase Patrol without burdening local tax payers and keeping taxes down.

I am the only candidate that has been time tested and proven in overseeing all the operations that are the responsibility of the Sheriff.

As a former Marine and your Sheriff, I will continue to serve the citizens of Yuma County and our nation with integrity, dedication and honor. I will continue to work to make our community a safe place to live work and play.

Remember - Vote Leon Wilmot for Yuma County Sheriff.

Thank you.

Election Platform

  • Continue to serve the citizens of Yuma County and our nation with integrity, dedication and honor.
  • Continue to solicit additional funding to put more Deputies on the street without burdening local taxpayers and keeping taxes down.
  • Continue to save the tax payers money by being fiscally responsible.
  • Address the serious pay inequities and increasing the pay of Deputies, Detention Officers and other Sheriff’s Office employees in order to increase retention.
  • Provide employees an opportunity to seek advanced educational degrees.
  • Get Deputies into county schools as resource officers to educate our youth on the dangers of drugs and violence.
  • Continue collaborative efforts between the various state, local and federal law enforcement agencies in order to maximize effectiveness.
  • Continue our efforts to upgrade the technology and security in the jail in order to ensure the safety of all our staff, inmates and local community.

Leon Wilmot

"No one should criticize his country, his state, or his city, unless he is willing to dedicate himself to public service to make it better. It is easy to criticize; it is most difficult to give of oneself to others." -- Socrates







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